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Pinterest Marketing Software - PinFlux

Not at the top on Facebook or Google? Pinflux can help you get quality traffic where the competition is low.

Sell more by targeting the best buying audience for your products, Get tons of home based traffic for your blog, video channel with Pinflux that gets you 9X traffic faster than any other internet marketing platform.

Check the tell all video here:


Pinflux -The most robust Pinterest marketing software is all the tool you need to automate Pinterest and power boost your profits:

  • Now you can automate Pinterest as much as you want, with tight regulation of the content flow.
  • Now you can create powerful boards with fresh content that never stops engaging your audience.
  • Now you can get into the top public boards and use their audience to promote your business.
  • Now you can create multiple accounts, multiple boards and manage all of them from the same place.
  • Now you can get quality, organic, women and home oriented traffic to all your blogs and home on autopilot.

Here's why Pinflux beats any other Pinterest marketing software hands down:

  • Runs on your desktop. No need to log into any third-party website and share your accounts or stats.
  • Biggest set of features. There’s no other tool in this market that has the range of features and all round capabilities that Pinflux has.
  • Designed for hands-free automation. Set it up and forget, or get as much control as you want. Pinflux puts you in 100% charge.
  • 100% safe. It lets you work on Pinterest using your own API Key so that you’re not affected by anyone’s else bad reputation.
  • Complete reporting gives you the details on each action that Pinflux takes.

Now you can capitalize on a Pinterest marketing software that’s powerful, yet not over competitive with enough opportunities for you to make a profit. Just put Pinflux to work by clicking the link below :

Pinterest Marketing Software - Pinflux

Stop Building Your List

It is a known fact that in internet marketing the real money is in the list. Everything we do should focus on getting more subscribers and followers and on increasing our reach.

Unfortunately building your list can be quite tough these days. People have become more cynical about giving away their emails.

If you are in the internet marketing field it’s further complicated by the fact that your entire target audience are more busy building their own lists than they are joining your list.

The answer is to stop building your list and instead let other people do it for you!

What everyone else are looking for are ways that will help them get more subscribers and stuff that will help them monetize their lists.

With this brand new software you can give them exactly what they want and use that to build your own list!

You can use it to quickly create rebrandable projects out of any content - even old PLR. Give them away for free as something other people can use as lead magnets and content for their lists.

But require them to join your list before they can rebrand the reports with their own links! When they use them they are automatically spreading your links and increasing your reach.

In fact the whole thing will quickly snowball into an avalanche of free leads, traffic and sales for you.

This is definitely list building on steroids and if you want to build or monetize a list then this needs to be a part of your strategy… today!

Click the link to learn more about

Subtitles For Videos

If you're using videos to sell on Facebook right now then this is for you because 80% of Facebook video viewers are watching your videos without sound!

Yes think about it! A video drops into your news feed and it starts playing silently! You keep watching and if it grabs your attention - you click on it.

If it doesn't then you move on!

How do you increase the chance people will watch your videos?

It's not as difficult as you might think. The solution is Subtitles.

Yes, Subtitles have been proven to increase video views and sales on Facebook. That's where ReCastly comes in.

ReCastly is a new software that within seconds allows you to perfectly sync your video with subtitles. So if someone is watching your video on Facebook they'll see subtitles about what's being said on your video.

This increases the chance they'll take action on what's being said on your video.

Not only that, If someone is watching and English is their second language, subtitles also make it much easier for them to watch and understand what is happening on your video.

If you'd like to take a closer look at ReCastly and how it can help your videos go here now: Subtitles For Videos

ListJanitor Review

ListJanitor helps you run profitable email marketing campaigns by building an email list of valid email addresses only. So you get an email list that boosts your email marketing campaigns. You simply have to upload your email list and get it verified right away.

Check it out now here : ListJanitor Review


What exactly is ListJanitor? Read the review below:

ListJanitor is a an email list cleaning & management software that helps boost deliverability & profits.

Why do you need to check out ListJanitor?

  • Bring dead lists to life
  • Import your lists easier into autoresponders
  • Reduce your email marketing costs
  • Improves your email delivery
  • Get a higher open rate
  • Segment your lists easily
  • Combine two lists into one
  • Super easy to use
  • Gives you maximum ROI on email marketing

You won’t have to pay a hefty fees to get your list cleaned, and you won’t have to pay a recurring. Use it for as long as you want, and as often as you want for a small one time investment.

The main product ListJanitor Elite supports import of list of up to 10,000 addresses.It has list cleaning & de-duping. It can verify each email individually for validity.

And if you like the main product, I would suggest you check out the upgrades that are more power packed and do everything that the main product does with a gazillion more features that will drive you more profits faster!

Here's the review of the upgrades that are available:


Upgrade 1 – ListJanitor Pro

Supports import of lists of up to 50,000 addresses. Supports list cleaning, de-duping, segmentation and has advanced list management + analysis features. Plus 2 years of free upgrade and 3 computer license.


Upgrade 2 – ListJanitor Agency

Imports list of unlimited size. Supports all features in Pro version, and also gives you 5 licenses for use on 5 computers. Gives you a VPS license as well. Includes 2 years of free upgrade.


Upgrade 3 – EmailJeet Pro + Templates

Powerful email marketing software that lets you send emails using any SMTP or your own computer (through in-built SMTP server)


Upgrade 4 – ListJanitor Reseller & Whitelabel

Reseller version gives you 100% commissions on the front-end. With the Whitelabel version the software is re-branded and you can sell it through email marketing, Facebook Ads, etc.

Your dirty email list is dragging your open rates and conversions down. With ListJanitor you will get inboxed more often with a squeaky clean list AND build a stronger sender reputation.

All you have to do is put your list in the App, hit 'Execute', export where you want and it's done!

With this email list cleaning & management software you have a winner on your  hands!

>> GET ListJanitor <<

Video Templates

Ever felt stuck in your video marketing journey? You already know how effective video is in today’s era!

51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. But have you ever felt lost because you were unable to purchase those expensive video templates?

I understand how it feels when you know what action you have to take, but you could not act on it because it’s expensive. Well, I have a solution for you, I promise you’ll instantly fall in love with it!

You need to take a look at this ASAP: VidGrafiX – Video Marketing Tool


To get these video templates you don't need to download any heavy files to your Hard drive/Computer. It is a 100% cloud based membership access. There is no need to have any kind of technical skills to use it.

You don't need to download any other software to use it . It's an independent searchable membership platform. You can view or search any HD video by just entering any keyword before you download. You can preview any video before downloading your favorite video.

You can use the audios/videos in your websites/blogs and your clients’ websites/blogs. You can even use on the social platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Just about feel free to use it for anything other than selling it.

The Audios/Videos are just like any normal Audios-Videos. They work fine with any modern software like Explaindio, Vidgeos, Easy Sketch Pro, Camtasia, Easy VSL, Powerpoint, etc

As soon as you buy this video marketing tool, you will receive your individual login access. You just need to login and use your assets. That's all you need to do.

You don't need to pay monthly/yearly for the membership. This is a Solid Bingo Offer with one time payment only. If you're not 100% satisfied, we offer a full no questions asked money back guarantee. Just send us a Support Ticket and we will take care of it for you.

Click Here to get it now >> VidGrafiX

Conversiobot Review

There are only a few days left until the ConversioBot Launch ends.

Have you looked into how this cutting-edge “AI” technology could EXPLODE your leads and sales?

These veteran marketers with combined experience of 32 years have spent over a year developing this cutting-edge tool. Across three of their ClickBank accounts, they generated 6,386 sales in only 6 months with their automated Chatbot software. They also used it to rapidly build an email list of 11,643 Subscribers in just seven days!

Time’s running out to get in at the special Launch introductory price.

Head Over To This Page Before It’s Too Late >> ConversioBot — #1 Chatbot For Websites And Blogs

If you have any questions about how this automated Chatbot software can transform your business, you need to read the review in this blog post.

What exactly is ConversioBot?

ConversioBot’s a cloud-based app. There’s nothing to install. You simply login to the app and use the simple “drag and drop” builder to create a Chatbot for your Website in minutes.

Is this easy to use?

Yes, even a newbie can get started right away. No special skills or knowledge are required. You don’t need to know a thing about coding to use the simple builder to create a Chatbot for your Website in minutes.

I don’t have time to setup my own Chatbot. Is there an even easier way?

You can use a range of “Done-For-You” Chatbots right away on your Website. They’ve been built for a wide range of categories and cover many popular niches. You can add them to your Website in under 60 SECONDS!

Why do I need a Chatbot on my Website?

Some of the Huge Fortune 500 Companies have all used Chatbots. They’re a NEW and powerful way to potentially explode your sales and build you massive email lists. They’re also truly automated. Since they’re Bots you don’t need to spend a dollar on expensive human Live Chat agents. Let the Bots do ALL the talking for you!

Do I need a Website to make money with this?

You don’t need a Website to profit with ConversioBot. It comes with an UNLIMITED Commercial License. That means you can create unlimited Chatbots and sell them to businesses. You keep ALL the profit! There’s step-by-step video training and “copy and paste” sales templates to help make the selling process incredibly simple.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, you get a full 30 days to put this to the test and make sure this is for you. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, you’ll get a full refund.

How do I get started right now?

Go this page and order ConversioBot today at the special Launch price >> Get ConversioBot


I just saw maybe the best free traffic software I've ever seen...then I saw an eCommerce tool which made $3,000 from the "cloud"...then 2 minutes later I saw an even better Instagram software...And then I saw another 4 softwares that are even better! And they're part of ONE insane new offer: The AUTOCRUSHER

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OK. So here goes...These 2 guys are nuts...

They've spent over $10,000 building FIVE of the most incredible affiliate software tools I've ever seen:

* LogoCrusher – Create logos in seconds with 75 built-in logo templates. Includes unlimited usage and full commercial rights.

* WebCrusher – Build unlimited websites right from your browser. Choose from 20 proven 6 and 7-figure money making templates then customize to any niche.

* Domain Aveli – the perfect tool to brainstorm domain names and business names for your logos.

* EcomCrusher – Create and monetize unlimited t-shirt designs with 344 niches and 75 proven design templates... built in!

* MemeCrusher - Plug in this meme making machine and start dominating Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more.

* InstaCinema - Create unlimited cinemagraphs to bring your marketing images to life.

OK, I think you need to check these 5 tools out to see what the hype is all about...

==> AutoCrusher - 5 "Niche-Crushing" Softwares In 1 <===