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Subtitles For Videos

If you're using videos to sell on Facebook right now then this is for you because 80% of Facebook video viewers are watching your videos without sound!

Yes think about it! A video drops into your news feed and it starts playing silently! You keep watching and if it grabs your attention - you click on it.

If it doesn't then you move on!

How do you increase the chance people will watch your videos?

It's not as difficult as you might think. The solution is Subtitles.

Yes, Subtitles have been proven to increase video views and sales on Facebook. That's where ReCastly comes in.

ReCastly is a new software that within seconds allows you to perfectly sync your video with subtitles. So if someone is watching your video on Facebook they'll see subtitles about what's being said on your video.

This increases the chance they'll take action on what's being said on your video.

Not only that, If someone is watching and English is their second language, subtitles also make it much easier for them to watch and understand what is happening on your video.

If you'd like to take a closer look at ReCastly and how it can help your videos go here now: Subtitles For Videos