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ListJanitor Review

ListJanitor helps you run profitable email marketing campaigns by building an email list of valid email addresses only. So you get an email list that boosts your email marketing campaigns. You simply have to upload your email list and get it verified right away.

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What exactly is ListJanitor? Read the review below:

ListJanitor is a an email list cleaning & management software that helps boost deliverability & profits.

Why do you need to check out ListJanitor?

  • Bring dead lists to life
  • Import your lists easier into autoresponders
  • Reduce your email marketing costs
  • Improves your email delivery
  • Get a higher open rate
  • Segment your lists easily
  • Combine two lists into one
  • Super easy to use
  • Gives you maximum ROI on email marketing

You won’t have to pay a hefty fees to get your list cleaned, and you won’t have to pay a recurring. Use it for as long as you want, and as often as you want for a small one time investment.

The main product ListJanitor Elite supports import of list of up to 10,000 addresses.It has list cleaning & de-duping. It can verify each email individually for validity.

And if you like the main product, I would suggest you check out the upgrades that are more power packed and do everything that the main product does with a gazillion more features that will drive you more profits faster!

Here's the review of the upgrades that are available:


Upgrade 1 – ListJanitor Pro

Supports import of lists of up to 50,000 addresses. Supports list cleaning, de-duping, segmentation and has advanced list management + analysis features. Plus 2 years of free upgrade and 3 computer license.


Upgrade 2 – ListJanitor Agency

Imports list of unlimited size. Supports all features in Pro version, and also gives you 5 licenses for use on 5 computers. Gives you a VPS license as well. Includes 2 years of free upgrade.


Upgrade 3 – EmailJeet Pro + Templates

Powerful email marketing software that lets you send emails using any SMTP or your own computer (through in-built SMTP server)


Upgrade 4 – ListJanitor Reseller & Whitelabel

Reseller version gives you 100% commissions on the front-end. With the Whitelabel version the software is re-branded and you can sell it through email marketing, Facebook Ads, etc.

Your dirty email list is dragging your open rates and conversions down. With ListJanitor you will get inboxed more often with a squeaky clean list AND build a stronger sender reputation.

All you have to do is put your list in the App, hit 'Execute', export where you want and it's done!

With this email list cleaning & management software you have a winner on your  hands!

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