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PlayTraffic Review

I'm sure you didn’t know about this way to get YouTube traffic. Read the full PlayTraffic Review here :



This breakthrough software unlocks new YouTube traffic source. YouTube is truly huge and marketers have done so much work on YouTube that there’s no scope of finding a new marketing breakthrough.

You need to pay attention because I'm going to tell you about something that’s never been done on YouTube before.

This is Playtraffic - the world’s first playlist marketing software for YouTube. It unlocks a 100% new traffic source for you from playlists.

See the review here:

Playlists are first class citizens of YouTube. They get found in YouTube search results, and you can even filter and get playlists alone. Millions of viewers look for playlists every day. So how can you use it to your advantage?

Just create playlists targeting your niche keywords and put your videos on top in it. Simple, but killer-effective.

If you do it manually it’ll take too much time to do this and is not worth it. So don’t do it manually, Playtraffic makes it ridiculously simple.

- Find tons of keywords to use as playlist titles in your niche
- Add your channel videos and find other videos from YouTube
- Create playlists and publish them instantly or schedule them on YouTube

All from within the PlayTraffic software! Important : This is a software + training combo. Playtraffic is a powerful Youtube traffic software from a professional YouTube marketer and it comes with extensive video training that shows you how to do playlist marketing for maximum traffic effectively. That’s like not just getting the tool but also the roadmap.

PlayTraffic Review

TrafficJeet Review

Read the entire TrafficJeet Review below or here :

Yes, 2018 was the era of Facebook and social media, but the buzz is slowing down. People are spending less time on Facebook due to which internet marketers are getting less leads and traffic. But, on the other hand people are spending more time on YouTube. They are selecting what they want to see which includes advertisements also.

So, why not target YouTube and get organic traffic and leads. Just remember the rule of internet traffic - If your audience is moving to another platform, then you better be there before your competitors.

With TrafficJeet you can easily tap on the YouTube audience and get organic traffic and leads.

Check it out - TrafficJeet 4 - YouTube SEO Software

 TrafficJeet lets you get huge amounts of traffic, leads and buyers from your YouTube accounts even if you are new to video marketing.

Yes, you read that right, even if you are a newbie or are not aware of different technologies available in the market. Don’t worry! it will do everything for you.


TrafficJeet Review - Video SEO Software

What’s special about TrafficJeet ?

It’s an all in one video seo software suite with 6 different applications, that will cater to every aspect of video marketing. It’s power packed with these 6 applications that will change your YouTube marketing campaign. Now no need to buy different softwares. Just this and you will be sorted.

TrafficJeet Core Application - Find keywords, check stats, analyze other people’s channels and videos. Keep track of your video rankings.

Application 2 - Rank tracking for keywords, videos and channels- This is the most comprehensive rank tracking application for YouTube.

Applicaion 3 - YouTube Ads Keyword Finder - YouTube ads are becoming popular in terms of lead generation. So it finds the best keywords for YouTube ads.

Application 4 - Find the Best Keyword in any Group - Take any group of keywords and instantly find out which keyword has the most traffic potential.

Application 5 - Find the Best Niche for you - Find the best niches with the most traffic potential.

Application 6 - Tap into the Research done by others - See what keywords and tags they have targeted. Let others do the research and you enjoy the benefits.

TrafficJeet is the complete tool set for your video marketing campaigns. So just transform your YouTube marketing and dominate it. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

 Get TrafficJeet - Click Here!

Live Video Ranker Review

You will find here the complete Live Video Ranker review

Get top rankings and no cost traffic with a click of your mouse with Live Video Ranker software. Watch a demo of this brand new Youtube SEO software in action, and lock-in a special, early-bird discount, click the link below right now.

Live Video Ranker is packed with features designed to make it easier than ever to get top rankings and money-making traffic.

Live Video Ranker - Here’s Why You Need

Here's a review of some of it's features:

  • It’s totally cloud-based so there’s never anything to install
  • This ‘point and click’ software is 100% newbie-friendly and easy-to-use, so ANYONE can get traffic and make money with this
  • Everything that’s complicated, time-consuming, and expensive about online business is completely ELIMINATED
  • 1-Click video upload makes it easier than ever to start streaming live videos
  • Live Video Ranker allows you to get hundreds of top Google and YouTube rankings with the click of your mouse
  • Never worry about getting traffic again… you’ll have all the no cost traffic you want within minutes
  • If you don’t want to show you face on camera, you don’t have to… upload any video you want and the software creates hundreds of live streams for you
  • Save countless hours when compared with doing this all on your own

If you’re tired of trying to get top rankings and quality traffic the hard way, you owe it to yourself to get your hands on this cloud based software right now.

Click the link below now to get instant access to Live Video Ranker and start getting traffic and making money right away.


Live Video Ranker Review

PerkZilla Review

You can read entire PerkZilla here

PerkZilla has taken the internet marketing world by storm! People are already using this viral rewards platform and totally flipping out over how well it works.

Marketers and other small business owners everywhere are reporting more traffic, more subscribers, and more sales - all completely hands free!

Checkout the Perkzilla review link below.

You’ve gotta see it for yourself: perkzilla

It’s crazy how well Perkzilla works! And I’m a little surprised that there are still hold outs who aren’t jumping on this right now. Those who’re using it are already benefiting - and everyone else is getting left behind!

If you’re one of those who’s fallen behind, it’s probably because you’ve just been busy. You haven’t had time to really check this out.

So, let me answer your most frequently asked questions

PerkZilla Review And FAQ

What is PerkZilla?

It’s a viral rewards platform that helps you generate viral traffic the quick, easy and proven way! It works by letting you set up campaigns where you offer rewards (AKA bribes) to your visitors in exchange for referring their friends.

Your visitors will LOVE getting free stuff just for talking about your lead pages, sales pages, contests and more. The viral rewards platform PerkZilla makes it easier than ever for you to start enjoying massive amounts of viral traffic!

That’s because PerkZilla totally automates the process of tracking and delivering rewards to those who refer your links to their friends. That means you can start getting hands-free traffic that grows like crazy to all your pages, including:

• Lead pages.
• Sales pages.
• Contest pages.
• Webinar registration pages.
• Blog articles.
• Videos.
• Podcasts.

And more - you can send traffic to any of your web pages. You can even generate viral traffic to your joint venture partner’s pages!

Do you need to be a techie to use?

Not at all! PerkZilla was designed to be the absolute easiest and most user-friendly way to drive massive amounts of viral traffic to all your content and web pages. You don’t need to have any tech experience, because this app is point-and-click easy and it works like crazy!

Does it REALLY work to generate tons of warm referral traffic?

Yes, it works! I’ve tried it and I’m blown away by the results. If you’ve ever been disappointed by low traffic numbers, PerkZilla is the cure to the traffic blues. And if you don’t absolutely agree that this is an awesome way to get viral traffic, then you can take advantage of the money-back guarantee. That means you can try it out risk-free TODAY!

Where can you get it?

Join the stampede of other savvy internet marketers from around the world who’re rushing to get their hands on PerkZilla. Click here to get PerkZilla now:

And you no longer need to spend tedious hours or gobs of money generating traffic, because PerkZilla is the hands-free way to generate massive amounts of viral traffic! Make sure your next contest, webinar, viral campaign, lead page campaign or product launch is a HUGE success by using PerkZilla to create the traffic!

Check it out now at perkzilla

It’s so easy you could have your first campaign running in just minutes from now!